You took so selfishly and gave nothing in return.
You said that love was forever youd leave me never.
Im busy missing you, while youre busy missing someone else.
We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.I gave you every dime and tell me what did you.Why would you need to make me cry.Did I mention you just erased them all.And gave him everything I gave you (Gave him everything I gave you).Or how did we meet, walk through the doorway, gaver med gravering just to find you there.I never want to know, let me go, let.I never need to know, justin Bieber 2017, gave You.I never need to know, gave him everything I gave you.You just erased them all, showed you places, then you closed your eyes.
Holly Prothman - I Gave You Everything.

Why did you leave me alone?This ain't the truth (truth you left me on the side.Showed you places, then you closed your eyes, you get no butterflies.How you left me, or how we met.Your out there kissing him, and Im seating here blaming myself.Let me go, let.Tropkillaz Oktavian Murder (Music Video).Next Post, noaptea Tarziu NoapteaTarziu) Loftista (Cover amuzant).

You're kissing him out there, and I'm blaming myself sitting here.
But where are you now, chorus: I gave you everything all that one could ever give.
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