gave barnehageslutt

Can you imagine us on the sandy beach of that island?
You can buy this book in any bookshop.
Can you sneeze without opening your mouth?
I m looking forward to going on holiday.I ve tried to meet Sally, but she was in the meeting room.2) A new film was shown (to).I gave him an English magazine.We arrived in Madrid after driving all night.When will you give up smoking?The goods were examined rabattkode dyreparken juli yesterday.She suspected him of deceiving her.Hunting tigers is dangerous.If you cant lose weight, try doing some sports twice a week.She enjoys driving a car.I dont feel like seeing him.She didnt have any money.Thank you for coming.

Im sorry for coming late.I cant put off doing this translation.The sun attracts the planets.It was expected that he would return soon.Lillebror må få plas i barnehagen der storebror går,.I wish I had never seen it!He is proud of having been spoken.
Our work must be finished as soon as possible.

I was shown a new dictionary (by my brother).