Give it a rest, Jack!
Jane has given her suitcase to the porter.
The Present Perfect Tense have / has given Tom has given us his new laptop computer.The Past Perfect Tense had given George had given me her present before she came.The instructions were being given to the stuff when the delegation arrived.Give him your rabatt skitt fiske confidence.The present has been given to him the day before his birthday.The Future Perfect Tense will have given By the time my father arrives I will already have given you a lift home.She is giving a dinner party on Sunday.The sun gives light.I wont give your secret forth.It gave me much pain.Give him my regards.Give me that plate, please.The Past Continuous Tense was / were giving At this time yesterday I was giving my classmates their books.Give him my best wishes.Past the P as t Simple Tense gave Matthew gave me his coat yesterday evening.

My nerves began to give.Give your nose a good blow.Id like to give my wife a nice present for our wedding anniversary.I gave him my name.Give me the knife once.Give me your word.
Give this letter to your sister, please!

Please give in your tests.