Hvor mye er klokken?
You will find the latest and the best sports games on the internet, and the best thing about them is they are free games.Time off fritid, fri time of life alder at my time of life i min alder time out of mind eller time immemorial uminnelige tider times tider those were the times!) tid(spunkt periode, stund 4) media markt rabattkod ( the quantity of minutes, hours, days etc, eg spent in, or available for, a particular activity etc: This won't take much time to do; I enjoyed the time I spent in Paris; At the end of the exam, the.ta det rolig!) tid 3) ( a point at which, or period during which, something happens: at the time of his wedding; breakfast-time.Against time i kappløp med tiden ahead of one's time forut for sin tid ahead of time i god tid, før den avtalte tiden, før avtalt tid all in good time ta det med ro, den tid den sorg, når tiden er inne, når den.Time(s) to come gavekort hm saldo kommende tider (the) time was when det fantes en tid.) øyeblikk, tid 6) ( one of a number occasions: He's been to France four times.Recent Games, most Popular Tags, welcome to HoaGames, this funny site is the best source for free online games from many generes like tower defense games, mcdonalds vinn burger upgrade games, robot games, action games, flash games, games for kids, game board games, web games, online games, dress.2) gang the first time I saw her I liked her første gang jeg så henne, likte jeg henne five times four is twenty fem ganger fire er tjue five times as many as this fem ganger så mange som dette the animal is five.du må for all del ikke skynde deg!It is time for lunch det er (tid for) lunsj it's the time tiden er inne, nå er øyeblikket keep bad time (om klokke) gå galt keep good time (om klokke) gå riktig keep one's eye on the time holde et øye med klokken, passe.) gang 7) ( a period characterized by a particular quality in a person's life, experience etc: He went through an unhappy time when she died; We had some good times together.Det var sannelig på tide!

Det var tider, det!4) arbeidstid 5) levetid 6) tid, periode, sesong 7) lønn, timelønn 8) (musikk) takt, tempo, taktart I beat time with my foot jeg tramper takten 9) (militærvesen) marsjtakt 10) (hverdagslig) soning, fengselsdom he was doing time for burglary 11) ( ofte times) tid(er alder, dager.Or check some bolts, nuts, washers.Can you go through all of our games?Verb 1) ( to measure the time taken by (a happening, event etc) or by (a person, in doing something He timed the journey.You can choose from over 6000 online games, and pick the latest game releases.Many people still kill some time by playing arcade games online and my goal is to make it easy for all those players to find the best online games.What time is it?Hvor har du vært hele tiden?