se gaver

Makes a great gift for a language learner or traveler.
To cause or allow (information etc ) to become known usually accidentally.
He gave away our hiding-place ( noun give-away : the lingering smell was a give-away).More stories in the book Blossoming in Provence.When the unseemly gavade was over the French returned to their more disciplined selves-reaching for the sopalin and wiping the corners of their mouths.Plural ofSingular ofPast tense ofPresent tense ofVerb forAdjective forAdverb forNoun gavekort hotell alexandra for.I nervously adjust my haut.Might as well practice social skills.To do a job at a given time.I recognized the delightful sounding noun as a Marseillais term (from the verb "gaver"-to stuff).I never know what to wear anyway."It seems one-pieces are à la mode this season.".t'as vu comme on s'est jetté sur la nourriture hier soir?
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I noticed that 6 bottles of wine remained untouched as the French turned their attention to the boxes of pizza and to the few remaining pies inside them.To organize (some event etc ).To hand or bring (something) to someone (often a person in authority).Your browser does not support audio.To cause to have.To devote (time etc ) to doing something.Ex.: "Vous n'avez pas faim?" "Si!
The soldiers were outnumbered and gave in to the enemy.